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  (Ned Ryun is a former presidential writer for George W. Bush and is the founder and CEO of American Majority.  His podcasts on the Constitutional Convention and the American Revolution can be found at “By firmly mooring senators once more to their states, the states once again gain power and leverage over DC, […]

    (Chris Deaton has been a legislative and communications aide in the U.S. Congress and is currently the deputy online editor of The Weekly Standard) “The GOP itself is much to blame. It rushed a complicated plan to a vote even though disunity abounded in its conference. Vice President Mike Pence said in January […]

  (Stephen F. Hayes is the former Director of the Institute of Political Journalism at Georgetown University and is currently the editor in chief of The Weekly Standard) “It’s an understandable impulse. The Democrats, after all, are being monumentally hypocritical—from last summer until this week, they had been calling for Comey’s head, blaming his handling […]

  (Page Pate is the former chairman of the criminal law section of the Atlanta Bar Association and is currently employed by CNN as a legal analyst) “It doesn’t really matter if there is nothing to the allegations of Russia’s meddling in the election or collusion with the Trump team. At this point, there is […]

  (Jonah Goldberg is the author of the weekly G-File at National Review where he is a senior editor and founding editor of National Review Online) “The response from the drivers of the permanent wagon circle, however, is to talk about how the media coverage of Comey’s firing is all overblown. There have been inaccuracies and hyperbole, […]