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  • Culture and Conflict| A Few Thoughts On #TakeAKnee

    NFL players have begun "taking a knee" during the playing of the national anthem in increased numbers since President Trump chose to comment on the issue.

    “Last year I boycotted the NFL largely because of Kaepernick, this year I may boycott the NFL because of Jerry Jones.”

  • The Increasing Irrelevance of the Utah Democratic Party

    The Democratic Party is ignoring a unique opportunity, consistent with the historical politics of Utah, and self-relegating itself into irrelevancy.

    “Kathie Allen’s performance and declared stances in today’s KSL debate are emblematic of a deepening trend towards total irrelevance in Utah politics.”

  • Federalist Coalition | An Awakening of Federalism

    The Federalist Coalition. A grassroots organization dedicated to reaffirming and preserving federalism.

    While we may not yet be able to see it, I believe the circumstances of our most recent presidencies have set the stage for an awakening of federalism.

  • Statement | Firearm Regulation In The Wake Of The Las Vegas Shooting

    The Mandalay Bay hotel, where Stephen Paddock fired upon a country music festival in what's being called the deadliest mass shooting in modern US history.

    I call on responsible citizens to reaffirm that the rights to self-defense should not be suppressed as a result of the actions of lawbreakers, while also calling for serious scrutiny and additional regulation of firearm accessories designed to modify legal semi-automatic weapons for the purpose of simulating or approaching the capabilities of fully automatic weapons, including such devices as “bump stocks” and “trigger cranks”.

  • Culture and Conflict | At The Brink of Something Different

    Torn flag

    From our founding forward, and to the present day, we believed ourselves to be something different.