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  • The Healthcare Executive Order (Or Memorandum…or whatever it is)

    Rand Paul has worked with President Trump on a new executive order, which has led many of supporters to wonder what's going on.

    “President Trump and Rand Paul have joined forces in order to…confuse everybody.  (Rand Paul may be confused himself)”

  • Culture and Conflict| A Few Thoughts On #TakeAKnee

    NFL players have begun "taking a knee" during the playing of the national anthem in increased numbers since President Trump chose to comment on the issue.

    “Last year I boycotted the NFL largely because of Kaepernick, this year I may boycott the NFL because of Jerry Jones.”

  • The Increasing Irrelevance of the Utah Democratic Party

    The Democratic Party is ignoring a unique opportunity, consistent with the historical politics of Utah, and self-relegating itself into irrelevancy.

    “Kathie Allen’s performance and declared stances in today’s KSL debate are emblematic of a deepening trend towards total irrelevance in Utah politics.”

  • Federalist Coalition | An Awakening of Federalism

    The Federalist Coalition. A grassroots organization dedicated to reaffirming and preserving federalism.

    While we may not yet be able to see it, I believe the circumstances of our most recent presidencies have set the stage for an awakening of federalism.

  • Statement | Firearm Regulation In The Wake Of The Las Vegas Shooting

    The Mandalay Bay hotel, where Stephen Paddock fired upon a country music festival in what's being called the deadliest mass shooting in modern US history.

    I call on responsible citizens to reaffirm that the rights to self-defense should not be suppressed as a result of the actions of lawbreakers, while also calling for serious scrutiny and additional regulation of firearm accessories designed to modify legal semi-automatic weapons for the purpose of simulating or approaching the capabilities of fully automatic weapons, including such devices as “bump stocks” and “trigger cranks”.