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Generally speaking, political talk shows are little more than entertainment venues whose level of intellect rarely rises above confirmation bias and too often descends into the pits of blatant propaganda. Talk shows present news and then provide commentary, in the form of a unique perspective prepared and crafted to be consumed by a specific audience […]

The following is an analysis based on my observations of the different groups that made up what came to be called the “NeverTrump” movement. 1. Conservative Purists Conservative purists resisted Trump because they believed his conservatism was phony and they viewed him as a man of shallow character.  They instead generally supported Ted Cruz. Despite […]

The President is not at war with the Democrat Party, the Media, the Deep State, or the Establishment. The President is at war with those whom he views as assaulting his brand. To put it simply, he will target anyone and everyone who does not demonstrate the view of intellect, magnanimity, affluence, acumen, and general […]

Has the GOP devolved into little more then a craven tool to be wielded by whoever comes along willing to animate the agitations and resentments of its base? Since this time last year, when the RNC concluded in Cleveland, I have seen very few traces of the ideology the Republican Party once espoused. Limited government, […]

“It has been a roller coaster couple of days and, believe it or not, the sum total of what we’re seeing is little more then a “he said, she said” merry-go-around with multiple sides seeking to force-shove facts into their chosen narratives and few people taking a step back to try and ascertain reality.

So, let’s take a look at what we know.”

Since the passage of Dodd-Frank, U.S. banks have seen the number of regulations to which they are subject double in gross terms, with 28,000 new restrictions on their activities put into place. As often is the case, big companies are much better prepared to meet these regulatory requirements — and the big ones become even […]