On The Issues


Guns – “Tyranny is having to face evil with empty hands”  The right to bear arms is the quintessential enshrined constitutional law that reflects the natural right to self-defense.  Any law that restricts access to the means of self-defense inevitably places those without such means at the mercy of those capable and willing to subvert such laws.  No citizen can truly be considered  free who must rely solely upon the whims of governmental intervention to protect life, limb, or property.  With these self-evident truths in mind, society also has a responsibility to ensure that the right to self-defense is not abused to allow easy access to the means of mass murder and should carefully seek reasonable restrictions on that which society determines to present a clear likelihood for such abuse.

Sanctity of Life – “We must choose to either respect life in all its forms or resign ourselves to being yet another nation whose lofty ideals ring hollow in the throes of hypocrisy”  Our founders envisioned certain inalienable rights as the birthright of all mankind, chief among them being that of Life.  Whether we believe only in nature, or choose to praise nature’s God, it is self-evident that life is marvelous in all its forms and inherently demands protection.  Nothing is more precious and no task is more paramount then to confess the responsibility of a free society to defend the right of life for those who cannot defend themselves.  The freedom to choose is inherent in the action of procreation itself, and to encourage otherwise is to allow for society to regress towards time where man and woman ruled themselves by passion alone.

Foreign Policy – “We must be pragmatic, but aggressively so!”  For better or for worse, our nation is uniquely positioned as the founder and perpetuator of the ideas of free society and representative government and has grown to become the greatest economic, geopolitical, and military force in human history.  The responsibilities of such Providence dictate we must admit the consequences of these realities.  The history of our nation has irrevocably changed the fortunes of all nations. To deny our place in history and squander the burden of power and leadership in the world would be a damnable offense, one only surpassed by perverting our charge in avarice or dominion.  We must therefore seek to clearly pursue our role in a pragmatic fashion, neither shrinking from necessary conflict nor seeking needless bloodshed.  We must not police the world, but neither should we abandon it.

Economy – “Laissez-faire la équité” In order for a society to be considered free, every interest in society must maintain the principles of freedom and individual liberty.  It follows naturally that the only economic model compatible with free society is the free market; capitalism and republicanism are dependent upon each other for either’s survival and neither can truly exist independent of themselves.  Were it equitable, the model of laissez-faire would be ideal, but the realities of an industrialized nation have forced us to consider concerns unforeseen by our founders who envisioned an agrarian society of property owners. Through the failures of central planning, it has become necessary to reach for the truths of the past while considering the challenges of the future.  We must seek for laissez-faire la équité, an economic goal that ensures a free and independent market while providing fail safes to maintain equity, as opposed to an activist government that wrests control of the market to enforce an empty pseudo-equality.

Immigration – “Ensuring legal immigration is about sovereignty and the rule of law” It is necessary to the safety and stability of a nation to maintain secure borders with its neighbors and to ensure the proper and legal entry of foreign nationals into its environs.  All places of access into the United States must be made secure, by whatever means required, but prudence must be exercised to ensure our actions are instrumental to actual security and not wasteful monuments to reactionary fear.  The processes for legal entry into the United States must be clarified and modernized to reflect current realities, and the naturalization process must include language and cultural cohesion.  Ethnicity and religion should never be the grounds upon which entry to a free society are denied.

Illegal Immigrants – “Finding the balance of concerns” There are now well over ten million migrants living undocumented within the United States.  Allowing this scenario to continue is both an affront to the rule of law and the rights of humanity, as it creates an environment conducive to the continued flaunting of immigration law as well as allowing for the continuance of a subordinate, shadow culture whose members are disallowed from experiencing the full American dream.  Blanket amnesty only provides incentive for this travesty to continue, and mass deportation would be costly, ineffectual, and offensive to the conscience of a free people. A comprehensive and pragmatic approach must be crafted that considers the balance of all concerns.  Existing immigration laws must be strengthened and enforced, foreign nationals involved in criminal activity on our soil must be prosecuted and deported, and a fair yet rigorous path to legalization must be crafted.

-The Millennial Federalist