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I decided to write a statement to exemplify the kind of statement Americans across the country would have wanted and have been satisfied with from their President.


Generally speaking, political talk shows are little more than entertainment venues whose level of intellect rarely rises above confirmation bias and too often descends into the pits of blatant propaganda. Talk shows present news and then provide commentary, in the form of a unique perspective prepared and crafted to be consumed by a specific audience […]

“It has been a roller coaster couple of days and, believe it or not, the sum total of what we’re seeing is little more then a “he said, she said” merry-go-around with multiple sides seeking to force-shove facts into their chosen narratives and few people taking a step back to try and ascertain reality.

So, let’s take a look at what we know.”

“Loyalty Day is a day where we all pledge allegiance to the American values which should transcend partisan rhetoric. It is a day where we can come together in patriotic solidarity, recognizing the heritage of freedom and liberty we have inherited thanks to the sacrifices of those who came before us.”