The Millennial Federalist is a political blog seeking to reaffirm the importance of classical liberalism and federalism in what many are considering a post-factual and post-constitutional age.

The blog was started by Justin Stapley and he is the sole writer.


I was born and raised in the Salt Lake Valley, where I attended and graduated from Copper Hills High School.  I have always felt a strong sense of patriotism towards my country, and I consider the World Trade Center attacks in 2001 as a formative moment in my sense of duty and loyalty to my great nation.  My passion for American history was kindled when I read the Prelude to Glory series as a young man.

I served a two year mission for the LDS Church in Northern Ohio from 2006-2008, after which I served six years in the Army National Guard while studying history at Southern Utah University.

I served as a Salt Lake County delegate for the Republican Party in 2016 and I am a card carrying member of the NRA as well as a general member of the Federalist Society, the Republican Liberty Caucus, and the Heritage Foundation.  I have voiced my support for and willingness to work with the Modern Whig Party and the Federalist Party, but have chosen to maintain my Republican affiliation until either these options or another future option becomes truly viable.

On top of writing for my blog, I also write for the Federalist Coalition*, a truly grassroots organization which is doing lots of great work rekindling interest and excitement for federalism in government at all levels across the country and across party lines.

*Articles, Pieces, and Comments on The Millennial Federalist should in no way be construed as endorsed positions by the Federalist Coalition.  For articles written for the Federalist Coalition by Justin Stapley, click here