Statement | Firearm Regulation In The Wake Of The Las Vegas Shooting

The Millennial Federalist’s ON THE ISSUES page has the following to say about guns and firearms:

“The right to bear arms is the quintessential enshrined constitutional law that reflects the natural right to self-defense. Any law that restricts access to the means of self-defense inevitably places those without such means at the mercy of those capable and willing to subvert such laws. No citizen can truly be considered free who must rely solely upon the whims of governmental intervention to protect life, limb, or property. With these self-evident truths in mind, society also has a responsibility to ensure that the right to self-defense is not abused to allow easy access to the means of mass murder and should carefully seek reasonable restrictions on that which society determines to present a clear likelihood for such abuse.”

In holding to this stance, I agree with the sentiments expressed in the Joint Statement released by the NRA and call on responsible citizens to reaffirm  that the rights to self-defense should not be suppressed as a result of the actions of lawbreakers, while also calling for serious scrutiny and additional regulation of firearm accessories designed to modify legal semi-automatic weapons for the purpose of simulating or approaching the capabilities of fully automatic weapons, including such devices as “bump stocks” and “trigger cranks”.

-The Millennial Federalist


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