Choose Liberty

The reality is the removal of confederate monuments is neither going to end racism nor erase history.

They’re just statues.

That which we should be holding sacred is neither their removal nor their preservation, but instead the maintenance of the processes of our constitutional government operating by authority of the will of the people. Such government is well within its power to heed the desires of its citizens concerning what sort of things we choose to honor and venerate in our public spaces.

With this understanding we can see why it should be equally concerning whether the rabble tears the monuments down in the dark of night or rallies with torches in signs of intimidation against local citizens who’ve chosen to move the monuments through legal means. In the end, these mobs are equally focused on their politics of identity and resentment whilst completely disregarding the freedom of self-determination. Neither respects nor honors the free exercise of conscience but in fact feels threatened by such exercise.

I pray we choose to trust the natural course of freedom instead of engaging in a war between hysterical notions of social justice and uncompromising notions of tradition. Such a war would result only in the trampled death of liberty itself.

-The Millennial Federalist


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