Despite standing in solidarity against the abuses of President Obama for eight years, I have been constantly accused of being a lefty, a RINO, a Cuckservative, a SJW, and a traitor over the past year and a half.

Is it because my principles have changed? Is it because I’ve abandoned the Constitution or the ideals of American governance?


They call me lefty because I wasn’t scared enough of Hillary to vote for a loud-mouth dirty old man.

They call me RINO because I stood for loyalty to my principles over blind loyalty to my party.

They call me Cuckservative because I recognized the difference between opposing political correctness and abandoning civility and common decency.

They call me SJW because I refuse to make common cause with or offer excuses for Confederates and Nazis.

They call me traitor because I refused to vote for a former Democratic booster and refuse to make excuses for his mockery of the office the President.

The real question is, who has abandoned their principles and who is still standing for them?

-The Millennial Federalist


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