Target Shooting And Wildfires

Just a little FYI folks,

Very few fires are ever started by using regular ammunition with soft soil backstops.

Most shooting experts agree that the chance of copper-jacketed ammo sparking is immeasurably small and lead-tipped ammo shouldn’t spark at all.  Most fires starting from target shooting happen from the use of tracer rounds, incendiary ammunition, and exploding targets as well as some fires being started with steel-based shot sparking off rocks.

There is also a surprising amount of controversy surrounding wildfire investigation and reporting methods.  It’s apparently very difficult for an investigation to find remaining evidence of a wildfire started by overheated ATV engines going through tall brush, sparks from ATVs lacking spark arrestors, or discarded and smoldering cigarettes, even though tests have shown these scenarios far more likely to cause fires then target shooting.  Freedom of information suits have revealed that if a wildfire starts within five miles of a known target shooting location and no clear evidence is uncovered to allow investigators to pin the specific cause of the fire, they mark it as a fire caused by target shooting in the books.

-The Millennial Federalist


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