A Presidential Moment

“They are American heroes and we salute them”

Yesterday, President Donald Trump welcomed David Bailey, Crystal Griner, Nicole Battaglia, Kevin Jobe, and Alexander Jensen to the White House to honor them for their selfless response to the attack on the Congressional baseball practice.

Test-PixTeller-123088It was a marked moment of reverence and a poignant moment of respect, both for the first responders themselves and the congressional delegation they placed themselves in harm’s way to protect…as well as for the office which Donald Trump holds.  The speech the President offered on the occasion was direct and to the point of the occasion.  There was no fluff or distraction, no meandering of disposition to make the speech, or the occasion, about anything else but the sacred task at hand.

Several parts that stand out considerably are these:

“Other Americans responded to this tragedy in ways that remind us how much stronger we are when we are united.”

“The assault on June 14th reminded us that evil exists in this world.  But it also reminded us that heroes walk in our midst, that love triumphs over tragedy, and that our resolve is stronger than ever.”

“Very brave people.  Great people.  Congratulations to all of you.  We are forever in your debt.”

The President demonstrated in this moment, as he has at other times, that he possesses the ability to be focused, disciplined, respectful, and direct in the exercise of his duties and the presentation of the office which he holds.

I honor and respect the President when he chooses so to act and I will praise him when he does, because I want him to understand that these moments are what is meant by the term “presidential”.

A leader, especially a nation’s leader (and most especially the most powerful leader in the free world), must be the calm in the storm and the steady captain holding firmly theTest-PixTeller-123088 (2) wheel as the winds and waves crash against the hull.  I understand that Donald Trump is first and foremost an entertainer and a showman, and he often views success in his life by how many headlines he grabs (negative or positive) because it brings attention to his brand.  This style, however much I personally dislike it, admittedly worked for him in the scrappy fistfight that is an election but it is evident by the heightened contention of post-election politics, the increased ethnic tension growing in our country, and the political warfare raging between variant strains of political thought consuming our country, that we need a steady hand to captain the wheel, not someone who delights at poking the bull to get positive twitter feedback from maniacal supporters who will support him whether he pokes the bull or not.

Test-PixTeller-123088 (4)This nation does not need the “modern day presidential” we see often in the President’s twitter feed, it needs actual presidential behavior like what we saw yesterday at the White House, a solemn and reverent man honoring heroes.  President Trump can be that man, if he chooses (and if his followers start expecting it from him).


-The Millennial Federalist



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