The Madness of #EverTrump

It seems there are now certain parts of the conservative movement who measure conservative success simply in the volume of liberal tears supposedly induced by Trump’s “hard hitting war on the #fakenews media”.  To this group I must ask, have we become nothing more then rabid dogs waiting for the tasty, but ultimately meaningless, 144 character bone to be thrown our way?

Do we remember why we were mad at the “establishment” in the first place?

Do we no longer care when campaign promises go unfulfilled? Do we no longer care Test-PixTeller-123088when our leaders run on a conservative platform, then fail to deliver time and time again? Do we no longer care about the dignity and ethical grounding of those who claim to represent us?

Do we remember that Reagan was a great president, not because he played hardball and got even with everyone we don’t like, but because he communicated what conservatism was to an entire nation and got an entire nation behind him and his conservative vision?

My greatest fear is not what President Trump can do to this country, it’s what continuous and unwavering support to his moor-less pseudo-conservative meanderings and undisciplined showmanship will enable him not to do.

The conservative movement is being caught up in a supposed “Trump vs. Media” narrative that is causing many of us to take our eyes off the ball. And I can’t help but wonder, when the next Democrat president gets into office and undoes everything Trump did in a two month flurry of executive orders because we didn’t focus on lasting legislative reform, will Trump’s 144 character bones be of any comfort? Will thoughts of “At least Trump put the media in their place for a few years” or “His tweets drove them crazy for a while” make us any less devastated when everything is undone?

The conservative movement was not supposed be a tool in Trump’s arsenal to be used in his war against whoever he doesn’t like. He was supposed to be a tool in our decades long effort to return American governance to the principles of limited and constitutional governance.

He was the “lesser of two evils” remember.

No man deserves the unending loyalty and dedication of our movement, only our principles demand such affection. Look past this “Trump vs. Media” distraction and Test-PixTeller-123088 (5)realize what this man is asking of us. With no sense of discipline, with no true vision, and with no expectation of lasting legislative victory he is demanding of us nothing short of blind and unerring faith and loyalty to him. Not to principles, not to the constitution, not to a truly conservative vision, but to his vision (and delusion) of his own grandeur.

A man like Donald Trump does not deserve our loyalty, he deserves accountability to the movement he claims to represent.  He is not the boss, he is an employee of the public trust and beholden to our principles, ideals, and vision.

Unless the conservative movement remembers this, this whole presidency will be little more than an exercise in futility.

-The Millennial Federalist


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  1. The Conservative Movement has degenerated and has lost its label to small government, anti tax people, and those who obsess about sex, and sexual identity. Gone forever is the conservative who focuses on holding back change and respecting but not worshiping tradition. That kind of conservative lives in a more puzzling world and so cannot communicate with those whose busy or bitterness-hobbled lives disable them with respect to such complexity.



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