American Crisis

We have reached a moment in American history where people’s political activism is more defined by resentment for opponents then it is by passion for ideals.

I have even Test-PixTeller-123088 (6)found that many attempting to be reasonable are still allowing themselves to be controlled by their resentments of Trump and those who voted for him. I have lately begun to come to the conclusion that extreme partisanship, divisive rhetoric, and inflammatory behavior cannot be resisted in and of themselves, because they are simply symptoms of a greater problem.

I believe that the power of a runaway federal government has grown so much that the results of elections has become far too consequential in people’s individual lives. The spoils of political victory are so vast that legislative and executive actions following political defeat or victory are so damaging to one side or the other that it is inevitable that many will feel political differences present existential threats to their embraced way of life.

We cannot end division in our country by simply attempting to reason with those who feel threatened, reason is not a state of mind for those accessing the primitive portions ofTest-PixTeller-123088 their brain that is inevitably used in times of danger or immediate threat to their definitions of life and liberty. The only way to solve this great dilemma is to find a way to reel in the excesses of government, to make our elections less consequential by ending the involvement of the government in every faucet of our lives.

I have begun attempting to cease condemning people for their anxieties and the actions their anxieties lead to, because while I am saddened by the rhetoric they use and often dismayed by how they treat those they disagree with, I empathize with their sense of hopelessness and helplessness when faced with local law, state law, and federal law that dictates and conducts everything from what kind of health insurance they MUST have to what kind of food their kids are allowed to eat at school, from when and how much social security or welfare checks come in the mail to whether hard earned pensions will be available in retirement.

Test-PixTeller-123088 (1)As the Right has dealt with the fears presented by the Obama administration, and as the Left now deals with the fears presented by the Trump administration, my hope is that we can eventually come to the mutual realization that we need a government that cannot so completely change our individual fortunes on a whim and that we can agree to once again anchor our government within the sphere of natural law and to seek the proper balance between equality, liberty, and tradition where true freedom actually exists.

-The Millennial Federalist


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