The President is not at war with the Democrat Party, the Media, the Deep State, or the Establishment. The President is at war with those whom he views as assaulting his brand. To put it simply, he will target anyone and everyone who does not demonstrate the view of intellect, magnanimity, affluence, acumen, and general grandeur that he has of himself.

This is what’s so concerning about the President’s lack of concern over Russia’s attempted election meddling. He seems to care nothing at all about the idea that Russia interfered, nor even about the idea that Democrats are latching onto the Russia narrative to stop Republicans from accomplishing anything meaningful whilst holding both houses of Congress and the Presidency. What he truly cares about, the concern which he becomes passionate about, is the idea that the Russia meddling casts his election victory as anything less than the grand triumph against insurmountable odds that he views it as.

When it comes to the concerns that voters truly have such as healthcare, terrorism, immigration, or foreign policy President Trump always seems to stop short of his words and all the options are never truly on the table. And yet when it comes to Donald Trump’s ego, everything is always on the table irregardless of the legitimate concerns or efficacy of actions by those with something other than Donald Trump’s interests and beliefs at heart.

Why else would he casually fire an FBI director in the midst an investigation that may prove vital in protecting the sanctity of our future elections. Why else would he consider the unprecedented action of firing a Special Counsel continuing the same investigation and risk inciting public discontent that could spill out into actual disorder and social turmoil.

Donald Trump campaigned on the promise of “America First” but in the lengths he will go to protect his own ego, as opposed to how often he stops short of truly championing America’s interests, he is governing more from a simple but defining ideology of “Trump First”.

-The Millennial Federalist


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