I Don’t Recognize The Republican Party

Has the GOP devolved into little more then a craven tool to be wielded by whoever comes along willing to animate the agitations and resentments of its base?

Since this time last year, when the RNC concluded in Cleveland, I have seen very few traces of the ideology the Republican Party once espoused. Limited government, ethical politics, traditional American ideals…all abandoned for tainted victory and fleeting power.

Sometimes I wonder if the history books will say of 2016 that it was the year conservatives chose to go out in one big bull-in-the-barn blaze of glory that proved to be nothing more then a futile and ultimately meaningless tantrum. Will historians wonder why the GOP chose a man of such flawed character to run against a Democrat candidate doomed to defeat herself no matter who she was running against?

I just hope it doesn’t take too many years (or decades) to be able to make the case for the traditional ideals of American governance without being haunted by the specter of Donald J. Trump.

-The Millennial Federalist


Categories: Politics and Philosophy

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