Hedge In The Margins

We have entered an era of populism allowed to run free of the constraints of natural law. Both political parties have migrated their values to the margins, and abandoned the sphere of traditional American political philosophy.

A country is only stable, and the general welfare of its citizens made secure, when the people maintain confidence in their public institutions.  They must believe that while any given government officer may have a different perspective or adhere to a different political philosophy, they can expect a certain level of trust in their intentions and in their communications to the public.  When this ceases to occur, when the people begin to foster a lack of confidence in their government, a climate of distrust begins to flourish.  And,  there is no more fertile soil for the growth of conspiracy theory and hysteria then in a climate of distrust.

We have entered an era of populism allowed to run free of the constraints of natural law.  Both political parties have migrated their values to the margins, and abandoned the sphere of traditional American political philosophy.  A government of the people, by the people, and for the people which enshrines the natural rights of life, liberty, and property, choosing from amongst its peers representatives which best reflect the civic virtue and republican values which ensure the steering of our national vessel along the shores of freedom, cannot exist in the maelstrom of civil strife created by the embrace of polar political extremes.

The battle between socialism and nationalism is a European construct that should have been allowed to die its inglorious death, drowned in the blood flowing from the actions of their ultimately despotic manifestations.  The “deplorables” rightly resist the Marxist rhetoric of their detractors, yet should be equally repulsed by the growing sounds of goose-stepping coming from their ethnic nationalist allies.  The “resistance” are displaying an awareness of history in immediately resisting any fascist tendencies, but are demonstrating the error of selective application by not recognizing the Communist Manifesto has equal portions of blood flowing from its pages as Mein Kampf.

The prevailing political movements of our day have shed any sense of self-awareness.  They’ve become on the one side reactionary and on the other regressive, and in responding to the culture of crisis each side engenders in turn, they justify abandoning the principles of reason, decorum, and civic virtue, often eventually enacting the very outrages which originally kindled their passions.

Democrats are right to question whether our President’s actions disrespect the dignity of his office, but they ignore that they themselves break the decorum necessary for respectful debate in our halls of government when they burst into spontaneous heckling and singing on the floor of congress.  Republicans were well within the bounds of reason to be indignant when President Obama promised Vladimir Putin more flexibility after being re-elected, but are demonstrating a partisan weakness for hypocrisy by excusing away President Trump’s similar declaration of flexibility to Russian diplomats after firing his FBI director.

The ultimate reality is that our society has entered an unsettling political pendulum, where each successive manifestation of reaction or regression swings wider and wider towards authoritarian or totalitarian government while we the sedentary pawns only get smacked harder and harder.

Until we make efforts to reject political philosophy which exist outside the sphere of natural law, until we hedge in the borders of American political thought and recognize that certain ultimate truths must ground our debate to rational reality, and until we ensure our ultimate character is one of civic virtue and our ultimate interest is the interest of our republic, self-serving demagogues liked Donald Trump and narrow-minded ideologues like Barack Obama will continue to rise to the role of leadership in this country, at the ultimate expense of all that is good and virtuous in this most noble American experiment in the exercise of freedom and liberty.

-The Millennial Federalist


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