Across The Web: What If The Russians Had Been Behind Watergate — Richard W. Painter

“The only valid precedent for the situation we are in today would be the Watergate break-in, with the Nixon campaign’s knowledge, being carried out by the KGB.”

Read the Full Article: What if the Russians had been behind the Watergate break-in? (Opinion) –


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  1. That article is an overreach hung on a total fabrication! This nonsense of Russian collusion by the trump campaign is a verdict in search of a crime. The sooner this is ignored as fantasy the better, why are you even wasting ink on this? A falsehood repeated often enough that it is now assumed to be fact, I have seen no legitimate proof that ANY KIND of collusion occurred and honestly don’t put any weight to proof they say can’t be revealed due to it’s classified nature. If it can’t be revealed in open court than it’s veracity is unable to be proven and is to be discounted. This nonsensical attack on the President and his successful campaign (which may be his only crime as far as the left is concerned) needs to end.



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