The Spirit of Freedom

We live in perilous times. Our society has forgotten God, perverts the traditions of the family, refuses to protect the innocence of life, seeks to strip away our right to defend ourselves, and seems doomed to keep pressing the march towards the tyranny of government dependence.

It is growing increasingly more difficult to maintain a positive and hopeful outlook as the ideals and principles upon which the United States are founded upon seemingly crumble before our eyes.

But there is still much to hope for, and so much left to fight for.

Our government can be subverted from its purpose, our Constitution can be twisted from it’s meaning, and the very character of those who began our noble experiment can be assaulted, and yet our hopes live on.  For our hopes lay in more than old parchment. Our identity is more than institutions alleged to serve us.  What America is, what the ideals and principles we stand for are, is something that transcends our attempts to establish them in law or incorporate them in governance.  It is the Spirit of Freedom, the Soul of Liberty, and the Essence of Independence upon which we have built our creeds. These are not things that can be written away in legislation, shouted down by mobs, skewed in the press, or faded in the course of time. These are traits that are an inherent part of humanity, these are portions of the human soul that are inalienable, indestructible, and undeniable. America is not special because we invented these themes, it is special because it was here that Divine Providence allowed for them to gain victory and endure.   And it endures still.

-The Millennial Federalist


Categories: Politics and Philosophy

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