Despite standing in solidarity against the abuses of President Obama for eight years, I have been constantly accused of being a lefty, a RINO, a Cuckservative, a SJW, and a traitor over the past year and a half. Is it because my principles have changed? Is it because I’ve abandoned the Constitution or the ideals […]

I decided to write a statement to exemplify the kind of statement Americans across the country would have wanted and have been satisfied with from their President.


“They are American heroes and we salute them” Yesterday, President Donald Trump welcomed David Bailey, Crystal Griner, Nicole Battaglia, Kevin Jobe, and Alexander Jensen to the White House to honor them for their selfless response to the attack on the Congressional baseball practice. It was a marked moment of reverence and a poignant moment of respect, both for the first responders themselves and […]

It seems there is now certain parts of the conservative movement who measure conservative success simply in the volume of liberal tears supposedly induced by Trump’s “hard hitting war on the #fakenews media”.  To this group I must ask, have we become nothing more then rabid dogs waiting for the tasty, but ultimately meaningless, 144 character bone to be thrown our way?